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Article • December 11, 2013

Type Faster and Better

Upgrade your phone's keyboard with Fleksy

We know what you’re thinking.

Actually, we don’t. But Fleksy does. The keyboard app for iPhone and Android is so advanced it feels like it’s reading your mind.

The minimal interface relies on gestures. Swipe right for a space. Swipe left to delete. Press and hold anywhere on the keyboard for numbers and punctuation. You can even reduce the layout to letters only to free up more screen real estate.

But where the app really shines is its autocorrect, which is so light-years-ahead that even if you miss every single letter it still works. In fact, the app has an invisible mode, where you simply type on the screen where you think the letters are. Fleksy takes it from there.

The free iPhone version lets you write in Fleksy then email, message, tweet, or post to Facebook. On Android, Fleksy can replace your current defaut keyboard. It is free for 30 days then $3.99 to buy.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, you’ll give it a try.