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Article • December 16, 2013

Send Personalized Gifts

Give beautiful gifts and handwritten notes with Bond

Here’s your friendly reminder that Christmas is a week and a half. Hannukah’s “late gift” statute of limitations is fading in the rearview mirror. And winter solstice, well, that’s on the 21st.

Not all of us wanted to crawl over a mountain of fellow shoppers to get our holiday gifts in order on black Friday morning, and that’s probably a good thing. Instead, use Bond, a gift-giving app that’ll give you the gift of holiday relaxation.

Bond has got the gift-giving game down to a science. The app is populated with adorable gifts like boxes of macarons, gold porcelain ducks, or dozens of roses. Plus, it’s conveniently organized into price ceilings ($50, $100, $250, and, for lavishly profligate, “splurge”).

But anybody can send a gift. It’s that personal touch that makes presents special, and Bond’s got that covered too. Every gift you send comes with a handwritten note, digitally drafted.

Remember, when they called it the “season of giving,” they weren’t talking about stress headaches.