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Article • December 19, 2013

Organize Tasks at Work More Efficiently

Asana is a smarter way to manage projects at work

How much time does checking email take when you get to work? A half hour? And hour? How many email chains have you sifted through dozens of emails in only to find you were mistakenly cc’d?

Let’s get you that time back with the help of Asana, a task management site that’ll save you time and your inbox a heavy load.

See, Asana was built by two of the founders of Facebook on the premise that productivity is predicated on tasks, not email notifications. Sign your team up for the service and assign members work they need done. Loop in outsiders who need to be privy with a simple @.

Think of Asana like a big, shared task list. If your team is under 15 people, that service – which Dropbox, AirBnB, and Uber all use – is totally free to you.

All that email time is yours again. Now you’re free to, uh, get back to work.