Dine Like A Chef - Netted
Article • January 3, 2014

Dine Like A Chef

Eat at TV experts' favorite restaurants with TV Food Maps

Where do you go to find a great new place to eat? Seems like everybody on Yelp gives 5 star reviews, and your uncle Jay who used to live in your neighborhood keeps telling you to check out places that have been out of business for 30 years.

How about an army of TV experts? Yeah, we didn’t know that was an option either, until we found TV Food Maps, a comprehensive digital map of restaurants that have been featured on 38 different shows on Food Network, Travel Channel, and more.

Search by show or state (49 of the 50 are included*), and read reviews and comments for each listing. The free apps for Android and iPhone provide directions to profiled restaurants in your current vicinity.

We’ll happily give it a five-star review.

* Sorry, North Dakotans.