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Article • January 7, 2014

Convert Graphic Design into Code

Design pro codeless HTML websites with Webydo

Knowing what your clients want their websites to look like and knowing how to build them are two very different things.

Unless you’re a professional designer using Webydo, a comprehensive web design platform that lets you build and manage beautiful, multi-page websites using no HTML code whatsoever.

It’s as revolutionary as it sounds: Webydo actually converts graphic designs into website code. Meaning that as you add images, resize text, and insert links, the underlying code is automatically written and rewritten with pixel-by-pixel accuracy.

You can start with a prefab design inspiration, a wireframe, or a completely blank canvas. The built-in content management system allows your client for 100% customization, and all Webydo sites are responsive and optimized for mobile display. The results are indistinguishable from sites that would normally take weeks to code by hand.

Building a site is entirely free (perfect for designers to send previews to clients); for $7.90 a month, you can add a custom domain and up the number of pages from 15 to unlimited. But Netted readers can save 72% on a one-year premium subscription with promo code NettedVIP332.

Around here it’s the only code you need.