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Article • January 14, 2014

Bookmark Your Favorite Sites Neatly

Store your favorite pages forever on Kippt

Have you seen the site that inserts friends’ faces into the “Buzz, your girlfriend! Woof!” scene from Home Alone?

It’s reasons like this that Kippt was made.

Kippt is a simple, visual bookmarking system for your favorite sites on the Internet. It is way less messy than a bookmarks tab, more developed than, and consolidates your favorites across social accounts.

Just install Kippt’s browser button and use it on any page you love. And if you have friends with a knock for finding Internet greatness, you can subscribe to their account (or follow Kippt top users) to stream in their discoveries.

If you’ve been using regular bookmarks you can import all that into Kippt. And you can link other services like Twitter, Tumblr, and Pocket to automatically sync things like logged articles, favorited tweets, and more.

Which reminds us of another scene from Home Alone.