Supercalendar - Netted
Article • January 21, 2014


Supercalendar Creates Calendar Events with a Quick Email

A friend shot you an email to schedule a lunch date, but you didn’t pencil in a time to pencil in that lunch – and everything else you need to schedule – so your friend ate alone.

Making a calendar event might seem minor, but if there were an easier way to get everything you need to do scheduled, you’d never miss a date. Well, that’s what Supercalendar is here to do.

As the progeny of personal assistant and concierge service Superhuman, Supercalendar is imbued with the power to create calendar events by automatically reading the emails you forward it.

Here’s how it works: sign up for Supercalendar, and whenever you have an event you want scheduled, send or forward an email to Confirmations, deliveries, flights, and yes, lunch dates are all processed and posted into your personal calendar.

Supercalendar is only available for Gmail for the time being, but they are currently working on helping Yahoo, Outlook, and more aboard. So you can pencil that in, too.