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Article • January 24, 2014

Create 3D Images on Your Phone

Make your photos stand out with Seene

A beautiful picture can jump out at you, whether it is actually moving or actually miraculously frozen in place.

But how do you make images stand out even more without climbing into the frame? The answer is Seene, a magical app for iOS that makes photos into incredible 3D images in a matter of moments.

Seene opens up like many apps you use regularly. But once you open up its camera to create an image of your own, you find the difference. Take a photo and use your device to maneuver around your subject to pick up the necessary angles.

Then the magic reveals itself to you. Workaday lunch photos turn into multi-dimensional experiences. Vacation pictures gain altitude. Internet-average cats become exceptional subjects.

And Seene, like myriad other photo apps, features the ability to share any of these eye-popping portraits on any social site you desire. It’ll put your friends’ posts to shame.