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Article • January 27, 2014

Save All Of Your Memories

Kennedy is a beautiful, data-rich iOS diary app

The Internet glorifies nostalgia, whether you’re celebrating #throwbackthursday or self-identifying as a 90s kid.

But your personal memories (sans editors and hashtags) are harder to recollect – which makes the new iPhone app Kennedy so darn intriguing.

Kennedy – named for the iconic question “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” – isn’t a traditional diary; it’s a push-button moment immortalizer that automatically remembers contextual data surrounding an event.

So, you’re watching a sunset. You’re thinking, “This is nice.” You may not pull out a conventional journaling app and wax poetic about the sunset, but you might open Kennedy and press the screen.

When you do that, the app instantly collects the current date and time, location, weather conditions, and news headlines, with options for a note or photo. Months later, you can scroll back and trigger that sunset memory based on the surrounding details.

It’s one diary you won’t get tired of writing.