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Article • February 5, 2014

Automatically Sign In to Any Website

LoginBox signs you in to all your favorite sites

The certainties of life: taxes, death, and clicking on a “forgot password” link at least once prior to said death.

Looking to change that is LoginBox, a new app for iPhone and iPad that can automatically log you in to any site you visit.

Unlike other password apps that use a “master password,” LoginBox basically records and replays the actions you take to log in somewhere – from simple user name and password fields to checking boxes and answering security questions.

Tap an icon, the sequence is played back, and you are signed in, completely bypassing the log-in process.

If that sounds like a privacy risk, fear not: all data is stored locally, and the app demands a password (which, no, it won’t unlock for you) to access your personalized, login-free dashboard.

LoginBox is free for up to three sites; making it unlimited costs a one-time payment of $5.99.

Taxes not included.