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Article • February 7, 2014

Create Your Own Augmented Reality

See a world no one else can with GeoPapyrus

Seems like movie protagonists can always see something regular folks can’t, whether it’s a tingling Spidey Sense or, you know, “dead people.”

But you’re kind of a super hero too, right? With GeoPapyrus you’ll more than check the “I can see something you can’t” box. It’s not quite clairvoyance, but it’s close.

GeoPapyrus is an augmented-reality iPhone app that allows users to attach bits of information, like images, videos, songs, voice notes, links, pieces of text, and even graffiti to physical objects. The catch? You can only see these elements through the app.

Let that sink in for a moment. With GeoPapyrus, you can affix troves of information to objects in the real world just by tapping them on your iPhone screen using your camera. And no one can see but you – and, of course, the friends you decide to share said Easter Eggs with.

That’s more than Haley Joel Osment could say.