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Article • February 13, 2014

Keep Track of Sleep and Exercise Patterns

Sleep better and wake up refreshed again with 24/7

Coffee doesn’t help. Taking a walk doesn’t help. Dunking your head in a bucket of ice water (don’t act like you haven’t considered it) doesn’t do a thing.

It’s fair to say sleeping better would make a lot of things easier (and drier) in life. That’s where 24/7 comes in.

24/7 is an iPhone app created by Motion X, a company that specializes in motion sensing, GPS, and health technologies. The locus of those focuses is an app that sharply senses a wide range of your sleep activity to help you get better rest.

For example – let’s say you think you snore. Okay, let’s say your wife has made it very clear you snore. 24/7 uses your device’s microphone to record your sleeping sounds and determine whether you suffer from sleep apnea.

The wide variety of data gathered about your sleep habits then combines with a wealth of information about exercise in some sharp visualizations. If you had a hard time the previous night, 24/7 can even schedule the perfect nap for you to recoup your Z’s.

Okay, you can take your head out of that bucket now.