Embrace the Weirdness of the Internet - Netted
Article • February 28, 2014

Embrace the Weirdness of the Internet

Everything But the News pokes fun at the Internet's buzziest businesses

Netted is all about the most useful, entertaining, and astounding things made on and for the Internet. It’s not about the sometimes deeply weird cultural those creations come out of.

But that’s why we’ve got Everything But the News, a new web series from PBS. If you’ve ever wondered how the founder of Grindr would explain his app to somebody’s mom, or wished someone would rent a $100,000 Tesla to be a Sidecar driver, this is your show.

Hosted by newly-minted PBS NewsHour tech correspondent Steve Goldbloom and his laconic cameraman Noah Pink, Everything But the News explores the Internet’s fastest-booming niches: ridesharing, dating, viral videos, and more.

And like all good Web phenomena, getting in early reaps future rewards. Everything But the News is only three episodes in, and you can revel in the parody below.

You (and your mom) will never browse the same way again.