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Article • March 6, 2014

Keep Yourself Accountable and Healthy

Measure the once unmeasurable with Reporter

What are you doing right now?

Depending when you open this, you might be settling into work. Or in line at a coffee shop. Maybe you just woke up (if so, good morning!).

Simple check-ins like this – Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? – can paint a vivid picture with the new iPhone app Reporter.

Reporter uses randomly timed, simple surveys to collect information that can illuminate aspects of your life you might otherwise miss. The questions are lightweight (answers are usually tappable), and you can teach Reporter to include customized queries (how’s that diet going?).

The app then rounds out the picture by tracking steps taken, weather patterns, and noise levels. (One possible scenario: You feel crappy right now because it’s been an average of 25 degrees for 52 days and you’ve only walked 3 miles – mostly around your loud office.)

So what’re you doing right now? Downloading Reporter, naturally.