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Article • March 12, 2014

Create and Share Beautiful Photo Stories

Use Storehouse for iOS and Android to share stories in a whole new way

Once upon a time, the Internet was full of storytelling monsters. Slow-loading slideshows abounded; listicles ran rampant; and tiny typefaces pillaged the kingdom of long-form journalism.

But then, over the hillside, rode a savior on a white steed: Sir Storehouse. This storytelling iOS app turns your disorganized memories into narratives that will be passed down for generations.

Storehouse is one of those apps that will leave you thinking, “I can’t believe this is free.” The touch-based design makes combining photos, videos, and text drag-and-drop simple. Use it to recap an amazing concert, memorialize a wedding, or relive a vacation over and over.

Once you’ve assembled your content – photos and videos can be pulled from Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox, and iCloud – publish it to make a beautiful, mobile-friendly scrolling storybook ready to be devoured by friends and strangers alike.

And they all shared happily ever after.