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Article • March 13, 2014

Pay All Your Bills in One App

Use Mobiligy, an app for iOS, Android, Windows, and more, to organize your personal finances

Improving bill payment is a little like putting ketchup on your greens: It might make them go down quicker, but it’s still no picnic.

But if palatable is your goal then your condiment of choice should be Mobilligy, an app that makes paying bills incredibly easy (if not entirely enjoyable).

Link your bill providers – everything from credit card to electricity to cell phone – along with your bank account. Now instead of seven sites and seven log-ins to make your payments, Mobilligy handles them with one app and a few taps.

In addition to being eminently secure and convenient, Mobilligy also helps you avoid late fees with notifications right before bills are due. Even set up an auto-pay trigger to avoid missing the date.

Mobilligy is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle, and doesn’t charge you a cent for the service.

Now those are some good greens.