Make Your Message Beautiful - Netted
Article • March 17, 2014

Make Your Message Beautiful

Notegraphy is a text graphic design app for iOS and Android

The last thing any designer wants to hear: “Can you make it pop?”

Notegraphy, a new app for iPhone, Android, and the Web, can make your message pop, lock, twerk, or whatever you want with no room to rankle a designer.

Notegraphy (which is should be noted is from the folks behind Netted favorite Ommwriter) can most closely be compared to Instagram, but for bits of text. You type out a message then choose one of the beautifultasteful, and playful text templates to frame it in.

You can then share your message straight to all the big social networks – we’re talking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Evernote, iMessage, and Tumblr – or just keep it private to send to someone special.

Notegraphy is a handsome way of getting your point across (as long as that point isn’t, “make it pop”).