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Article • March 18, 2014

Chase Your Dreams and Track Your Progress

GiveIt100 is a community focused on daily practice for 100 days

You can buy the sleep learning tapes. You can copy your friend’s notes. You can even try to steal somebody’s talents with a magic basketball.

At the end of the day, you’ll never learn a thing without practice. But here’s the good news, Monstars: Your personal trainer for learning anything is GiveIt100.

GiveIt100 is an education community based around a simple concept: You can learn virtually anything if you commit to doing every day for 100 days straight.

It all started when founder Karen Cheng decided she wanted to learn to dance. Her time-lapse video dedicated to her pursuit went viral and she realized she had a big idea on her hands that she could use to help others achieve their goals.

And achieve they have. Participants post a video every day of their journey, and the GiveIt100 community has chronicled goals big and small, like losing weight, learning to unicycle, and, perhaps most incredibly, learning to walk again.

So throw out the sleep learning tapes and magic basketballs. You’ve got this.