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Article • March 24, 2014

Listen to Your All Music Anywhere

OnAir is an Android, Windows, desktop, and web app for syncing your music across devices

You’re craving some Beatles, but they’re not on Spotify. Your recent pièce de résistance, Awesome Playlist Vol. 2, is trapped in iTunes at your office. And your phone couldn’t possible hold another mp3.

Your problem isn’t that you just love music too much. It’s that you’re not using OnAir, a multiplatform service that puts all your music everywhere at once.

That’s a big claim, but here’s how we mean: OnAir syncs the music on all your devices to one big aggregate library. It doesn’t matter that half of Abbey Road is on your tablet and the other half is on your laptop and you’re stuck on a commuter train – now it’s all accessible.

Just as impressively, OnAir can stream to any connected device. We’re talking smart TVs, connected gaming systems, and even to other devices – like from your phone to your computer. It makes anything a remote control.

Yeah, you might love music too much – but that’s not a problem anymore.