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Article • April 1, 2014

Record Your Private Data for Safekeeping

PanicRoom is an NSA-funded iOS and Android app for protecting your information

Protecting your privacy is more important than ever. With your personal data strewn across the Web and beyond, you never know who can access your most sensitive information.

That is, unless you use PanicRoom, a super-safe repository for all your private info, created by the folks who know you best: the National Security Agency (NSA).

PanicRoom is a highly encrypted lockbox for all of your data. To sign up, just give the app access to your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, private and work emails, text messages, and cell phone provider.

For your convenience, some of your information has been “pre-sourced,” and almost none is required for registration – somehow they’ve already taken care of that.

But it doesn’t stop there. PanicRoom can also process and record information transmitted by landlines, paper mail, credit card transactions, and remote pay phones. It can even passively record spoken conversations using any connected device in your home.

With PanicRoom, you’ll never need to worry about keeping your data from prying eyes again.