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Article • April 3, 2014

Get Some Baby-making Help

Ovia is an iOS and Android app for tracking fertility

It’s one of the biggest decisions you make in your life: you want to have a baby. Conception, however, isn’t as easy as they make it seem on 16 and Pregnant.

Your guide in the path to motherhood is Ovia, a fertility tracker for the iPhone and Android that will help you get pregnant as quickly as your body will allow.

Ovia was designed by a group of scientists from Harvard who realized how much misinformation there was out there about pregnancy. Factors like blood pressure, weight, and nutrition were commonly forgotten in the face of just, you know, doin’ it.

And while, uh, doin’ it is important, it needs to be done when a woman’s body is ready, which is typically just four days out of her cycle.

To help you find those four days, and maximize the ovulation window when baby making can happen, Ovia closely tracks a woman’s health and makes targeted recommendations, and even provides charts and data you can present to your doctor.

Now get out there and make a baby.