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Article • April 3, 2014

Track Your Exercise

Strava is a web, iOS, and Android app that makes your exercise data useful

It’s been a long winter. Looking longingly out the window is as close as many of us have gotten to exercise in months.

Get back out there, and savor every gallop, pedal, and lope with Strava, a top-notch exercise tracker for the iPhone and Android, geared for anyone who’s been itching to hit the bricks since long before snow was on the ground in 49 states.

Switch Strava on when you go out for a run or a ride, and it will not only track your route, but it will also compare your pace and progress to past runs, and to folks who have run the same path.

Those just getting started exercising, seasoned athletes looking to crack new neighborhoods, or anyone wanting to freshen up their workout can search popular local routes to see what the best runs and rides are. No wonder Strava has spawned so many fanatics.

Get going – Strava is timing you.