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Article • April 4, 2014

Browse the Best Finds on Amazon

Canopy is a website and iOS app that curates Amazon's huge selection

Need 1,500 ladybugs? Amazon has got you covered.

Need a shopping site that’s just as convenient but a bit more curated? For that you’ll want Canopy, a new design-focused web shop that unearths Amazon’s rare gems.

Canopy, not unlike Svpply before it, is a beautifully designed pinboard where users can post the products they think are great. The big difference is that Canopy is populated solely with items currently available on Amazon.

And no, that doesn’t mean you’ll be sifting through economical tube socks and great deals on deodorant. Canopy is a place for things like the ingenious Nest smoke detector or this top-of-the-line turntable.

Currently, anyone can browse the site, but not everyone can add products and recommend other people’s finds. However, Canopy has cut us a sweetheart deal to let the first 1000 Netted readers who use the invite code “Netted” at signup cut the line.

After all, Canopy is all about convenience.