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Article • April 7, 2014

Find the Perfect Pet

AllPaws is a website that helps you find the right animal to adopt

Look at this puppy.

Look at this cat.

Heavens to Betsy, look at this BABY GOAT.

Maybe you can tell that we’re pretty sold on AllPaws, an online locator for adoptable pets in your area. And with a little perusal, you might be too.

AllPaws’ founders describe their site as a dating service for pet adoption. Tell the site what kind of animal and breed you’re looking for, your location, what the age range you’re interested in is, etc. It will then match you to your dream pet, complete with comprehensive information.

But let’s say you love animals, but (against your instincts) don’t want to turn into a crazy cat lady and adopt them all. Use AllPaws to recommend your favorite potential pets to your social network to help them find a home.

Still not convinced? Look at this fuzzy bunny named Bullet. Just look at him.