Inky - Netted
Article • April 21, 2014


Inky Detangles Your Email Inbox

Checking your disorganized email inbox can be a lot like opening that cabinet you’ve been stuffing with snail mail for months. In a word… Terrifying.

That’s why you need Inky, a free, downloadable client for Mac and Windows that processes and sorts your email as it comes in – all without your messages ever passing through Inky’s servers.

Inky analyzes and parses your email into “smart views” specialized for social notifications, subscriptions, maps, daily deals, notes, package notifications, and more. (It’s so good at defining emails that Inky thinks it’ll render the “Spam” classification obsolete.)

This is a client that’s tightly tuned for modern email, allowing you to easily extract images and identify mentioned locations. It also prioritizes your important messages, and makes it a breeze to unsubscribe to unwanted ones. Plus, with Inky, you can access several email accounts, all with one login.

It’s scary good.