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Article • April 22, 2014

Kill Junk Mail and Switch Your Mailing Address

Updater is an app for taking care of things when you move

On the “Worst Things About Moving” list, changing your address comes second only to lugging the sofa to your fifth-floor walkup.

But switching your subscriptions, bills, and myriad accounts to a new address doesn’t need to be a drag anymore thanks to Updater – a dashboard for your mailing info.

In a matter of minutes Updater lets you file your change of address form with the US Postal Service for free, set up cable and utilities, and alert everyone imaginable of your new whereabouts – including friends and family. Updater even helps you get local deals (an awesome benefit after an expensive move).

Updater isn’t only useful for the newly moved: There’s also a feature for those who want less junk mail (so… everyone). Just tell Updater which mailers you want to leave you alone and they’ll take care of it.

Now all you have to sweat is that sofa.