Give Your Photos Much-Needed Flow - Netted
Article • April 24, 2014

Give Your Photos Much-Needed Flow

Parade is a website that lets you create seamless photo presentations

So many startups claim to “change how you share photos online.” Yet they all deliver the same old mosaic of thumbnails and mess of push notifications.

Parade, however, really comes through. Take our word for it (we’ve seen ’em all): This one’s different.

This simple tool creates a free microsite where your photos are stitched together in a continuous, parallax-scrolling stream (foreground text scrolls slower than images in the background). The result looks every bit as impressive as you’d imagine.

You don’t need an account to use Parade: Just upload photos, add text, and the site spits out truly original presentationsso-real-it’s-like-you’re-there lunch pictures, and baby albums to delight grandparents for days.

Every Parade is socially shareable and mobile optimized – so they retain their beauty across devices.

Get inspired by browsing existing Parades. These things practically share themselves.