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Article • April 25, 2014

Turn Any Sound into Music with One App

Keezy is a music-making iOS app that lets you use samples to generate impressive tracks

A couple weeks ago we stumbled on this brilliant pen-and-paper productivity app. We immediately thought, “Whoever made this is awesome.”

And we were right, because he also made Keezy.

Keezy is an incredibly agile music-making app for iOS devices inspired by one of hip-hop’s classic cornerstones (and an emerging tool in new music in general): the MPC. Like the MPC, Keezy is an instrument comprised of user-gathered samples.

That’s nice, because MPCs are hard to lug around the real world. With Keezy, users can program whatever sounds they like into a pretty little 4×2 board on their phone and tap out tracks.

The results are amazing. With no lag, Keezy harmonizes samples and triggers loops in classic hip-hop fashion.

Plus, since we’re not all natural-born samplers, Keezy also provides pre-made sound sets from pros like Reggie Watts to get you started.

Your tracks may inspire the thought, “Whoever made this is awesome.”