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Article • April 29, 2014

Neatly Organize All Your eBooks

Marvin is a highly customizable ebook reader app for iOS

Finding library books was hard. You’d get a reference number, a vague direction, and 10 minutes later you were either lost or back at the librarian’s desk pleading for help.

In the case of eBooks, that librarian’s name is Marvin.

Marvin is a reader for iOS devices that has every feature imaginable. Some of our favorites include complete control over background and text color; vertical swiping to adjust brightness; and the “deep read” feature, which scans the entire book and creates mini biographies of the characters.

It also pulls in information from sources like IMDb and Wikipedia to augment your reading experience.

And like the librarian who leads you back to “Adventures” when you somehow end up searching for Treasure Island in “Economics,” Marvin keeps track of where your books are whether they’re stored in iTunes, Dropbox, calibre, Readmill, OPDS, or on the Web.

The best part? No late fees.