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Article • May 2, 2014

Privately Visualize Your Browsing History

Surfkoll is a Chrome and Firefox extension that analyzes your online habits

The Web places a high premium on sharing. But some info isn’t for public consumption. Like the number of times you’ve watched Chris Bosh singing Tom Jones on YouTube, for example.

Still, some digital navel-gazing can be edifying. That’s the idea behind Surfkollen, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that auto-generates a private portrait of your (potentially embarrassing) browsing history.

Similar ideas have been tried, but this one’s different: It shows how many pages you’ve browsed in the past week, how your numbers compare to other Web surfers, what your top-three sites are, and what days you’re most active. The developers call it a Surf Selfie.

Surfkollen only pulls through domain names though. So you can stay ignorant of how many times you’ve watched that Chris Bosh video, or this LeBron one. Which is probably for the best.