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Article • May 5, 2014

Wake Up with Futuristic AI

Early Edition is an iOS app that starts your morning with robotic charm

Depictions of artificial intelligence in the future tend to land somewhere between dystopian and creepy. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For an alternative vision there’s Early Edition by Capsule.fm, a soothing, accommodating alarm clock that starts your day off right and (probably) won’t seduce you.

Early Edition is an app for iOS 7 or later ($1.99) that wakes you up with a combination of the weather, news headlines, inspiring quotes and facts, and soothing music, all presided over by one of two calming, humanoid voices (their names are Miranda and Carl).

Just tell Early Edition when you need to be up, and Miranda or Carl will rouse you with your preferred brand of content: say, science or tech facts, or computer jokes.

It’s so much more powerful than an alarm clock, but so much more human than a newsreader. It seems like there’s almost nothing it can’t do.