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Article • May 8, 2014

Get a Personal Assistant on Your Phone

Agent is an Android app that acts like an assistant—filtering your calls while you sleep, responding to callers while you drive, and more

Imagine you won a billion dollars. Wow, what do you do now? Buy Shaq’s friendship? Pay him to let you beat him in basketball? Hire a personal assistant to tell people when you’re busy hanging with Shaq?

Well you didn’t win a billion dollars (sorry) but you can still get an amazing personal assistant for free thanks to Agent for Android.

Agent uses context-based triggers to be presciently helpful. Say you need to conserve battery life after a long day out. Agent knows that and closes out apps and dims your screen for you.

It also knows when you’ve hit the sack or are in a meeting and silences your phone (except for important people).

Oh and you can stop worrying about trivialities like where you parked your car (it automatically remembers) or responding to texts while driving said car (it knows you’re driving and responds for you).

Agent saves you from mundane distractions – so you and Shaq can get back to hanging out.