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Article • May 12, 2014

One Smart Dialer App for All Your Calling Needs

Callism is an iOS dialer app that lets you sort your contacts, remind yourself to make calls, and more

Mailbox revolutionized your phone’s email. Evernote revamped your phone’s notebook. transformed your phone’s, well, everything.

But why hasn’t anyone taken a whack at your phone’s phone?

Though making calls can seem like an afterthought in the wide world of apps, Callism for the iPhone promises to bring it up to speed.

Unlike FaceTime or Skype, Callism makes calls through your cellular plan so you don’t need Wi-Fi or a data plan to chat. Where it separates itself from that green button on your screen’s bottom right corner, however, is with organization.

When you miss a call, Callism helps you pick a time you’re free to call back, and will remind you to do so. It integrates tightly with your address book, and helps you organize your contacts into intelligible groups: “family”; “work friends”; “exes,” etc.

Your phone finally has a real phone.