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Article • May 14, 2014

Get the Meat from Books in 15 Minutes Flat

Blinkist is a book summary app for iOS, Android, and the web

FreakonomicsOutliers. The Lean Startup. What do these have in common?

They’re probably on a list of books you meant to read but haven’t yet. That’s OK! You’ve got Blinkist now.

Blinkist (for iOS devices and the Web) distills nonfiction books into summaries that appeal to your modern media mind and can change how you think in just 15 minutes.

If that sounds like a cop out, we understand. But Blinkist isn’t trying to replace the joy of reading books. It’s like Kindle meets CliffNotes – there to mainline ideas to busy folks who won’t let their calendar curtail their curiosity.

The humans at Blinkist make sure you get the key ideas (emphasis on humans – they create the summaries, not algorithms). Blinkist is also great for getting refreshed on books you’ve already read.

Better yet, Netted readers can get 30% off a yearly subscription. Just enter netted30 at checkout in the Blinkist web app.

Get edified in the blink of an eye.