Make Your Life Look Amazing in Video - Netted
Article • May 15, 2014

Make Your Life Look Amazing in Video

Lightt is a video editing app for iOS and Android

Six seconds. 140 characters. Photos that disappear after one viewing.

Every day we tell bite-sized stories online. But Lightt – a free video app for iOS and Android – seeks to stitch the ephemera together to tell a larger tale.

With Lightt users can create videos – up to five minutes worth per filming – with filters, voiceovers, music, distorting effects, and even photos and old clips from your phone.

This isn’t just “Instagram Plus.” Lightt’s editing tools also let you trim or duplicate clips, move ’em around, and play them in reverse (a seriously cool effect). Your clips then play sequentially in one long stream, creating an ever-extending feature film of your life.

Eventually all those six-second videos add up to something big.