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Article • May 16, 2014

Give Your Search Dollars to Charity

Sleio is a search engine that donates its profits to the cause of your choice

If popular perception holds true, life at a tech company is pretty cushy. It’s amazing that between all those free meals, in-office slides, and game rooms anybody gets anything done.

We doubt the folks at Sleio have an indoor slide. That’s because Sleio, a search engine (whose results come from a little engine called Google), gives all its profits to charity.

Plenty of startups claim to be in the game to “change the world” but Sleio’s plan to eddy ad dollars to support worthy causes may have others beat. Sleio directs profits from affiliate commissions to a selection of charities of your choice – like the World Wildlife Foundation or the Cancer Research Institute, for example.

With Sleio you can rest assured your idle searches for things like “weird birthmark on back” and “difference between birthmarks and moles?” are actually helping to better the world.

Or you could help finance that slide. Your choice.