Emu - Netted
Article • May 19, 2014


Soup-Up Your Text Messages with Emu

Texting is supposed to make communicating easier, right? But when friends text to make or discuss plans, switching between Google Maps, your calendar, Yelp, etc., is just a hassle.

Pardon the old TV trope but there’s got to be a better way!

There is if you use Emu, a texting assistant for the iPhone (and Android soon) that stays one step ahead of you and literally completes your planning sentences.

Example: When a friend texts asking to grab dinner, Emu checks your calendar and displays your availability in the text.

Suggest a restaurant or movie and Emu will look up open reservation times and showings that fit. And when your friend texts to see where you are it sends your live-updating location info.

Emu also lets you snooze requests and will remind you to deal when it’s more convenient – say, when you leave work or once you’re home.

Better way, found.