FitsMe - Netted
Article • May 27, 2014


Get a Meal Plan Tailored for Your Diet with FitsMe

Here’s a joke: a pescatarian, a paleo dieter, someone with a gluten allergy and lactose intolerance, and a seitan-worshiping vegan all RSVP to a dinner party.

Get it? It’s a joke because, holy (tofu-based) mackerel, how are you going to find something to feed all these very particular eaters? Breathe easy, chef: you’ve got FitsMe.

Just as the name suggests, FitsMe is a web app that helps you find meals that fit your diet. Just tell the site what food restrictions and preferences you have, and it’ll draw delicious recipes from all over the web to satiate even your pickiest preferences.

And while it’s still in its infancy (there are plenty of features we’d still like to see added), FitsMe is already a top-notch recipe aggregator that displays recipes from sites like and side-by-side.

You can even tell FitsMe what ingredients you have and what ingredients you have, based on the limitations of your pantry/tiny apartment – that way, you can be picky too.

And that’s no joke.