Vhoto - Netted
Article • May 29, 2014


Pull Clear Photos From Your Videos with Vhoto

Picture-perfect moments often reveal themselves after the fact. They happen in the photos you didn’t know you were posing for, or the ones that never intended to be photos at all.

Users of Vhoto know what we’re talking about. That’s because the new iPhone app lets you record videos and capture still shots from them that would be otherwise unshootable.

After analyzing a video for clear, photo-quality images, Vhoto automatically extracts a selection of shots for immediate use (like how YouTube produces thumbnail pictures).

Plus – and this is cool – you can import videos from your photo reel too. This means if you can get it onto your phone, you can extract clear pictures from almost any video.

Daredevils, awkward smilers, and hyperactive toddlers – you’ve met your match.