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Article • May 30, 2014

Burn Your Messages After Reading

Confide is a private messaging app for iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX

What’s it take to get a little privacy nowadays? Turns out your disappearing photos don’t really disappear and you’ve got to move to Europe to scrub your digital footprint.

And don’t even think about looking for privacy in an elevator.

For those who don’t want to live in a 1984­-like surveillance state, there’s Confide – a super-private texting app that destroys your messages so you’re always off the record.

Confide works hard to ensure their word is as good as yours is private. Messages are encrypted end-to-end and can’t be forwarded or read by anybody but the intended recipient (not even Confide’s staff). Your words are hidden upon receipt and only revealed a couple at a time when the recipient swipes over them.

That means your texts are screenshot-proof. (If a sneak even attempts a screenshot you’re notified immediately.)

Once your message is read, it permanently self-destructs.

A little privacy restored.