Voycee - Netted
Article • June 5, 2014


Voycee Protects You from Your Own History

Imagine if everything you ever said came back to haunt you:

“That Obama guy is a flash in the pan.”

“Jordan? Nah, my money’s on Sam Bowie.”

The Beatles have no future in show business.”

Some utterances should be forgotten – like, uh, most stuff we share on social media. Hence, Voycee: an ingenious social network (iOS only for now) that deletes your previous post (and its comments, likes, notifications, and hashtags) as soon as the next one goes up.

Sound counterintuitive? It is. And that’s the point. Instead of creating a timeline that reflects your sensibility (and in some ways defines you), Voycee is about living in the moment.

So you can post your most far-fetched thoughts, embarrassing photos, and ephemeral whims without fearing they’ll be used against you later – like in a job or school interview for example.

It’s the best way to avoid making history for the wrong reasons.