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Article • June 6, 2014

Drown Out Distractions with Soothing Sounds

Noisli is a focus-boosting noise generator app for iOS, Chrome, and the web

How do you get to your “happy place”? You know, the place that calms you when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, or trapped at the DMV?

If you don’t have an answer, we suggest plugging in some headphones and navigating to Noisli.com.

Noisli is a customizable oasis. While the background gently changes color (it’s called chromotherapy), you create a bespoke white noise track by mixing any or all of the site’s 16 sounds – a thunderstorm, a crackling fire, a babbling brook, etc.

Noisli isn’t just for frazzled folks trying to renew their license. It also has a text editor that lets you compose in plain text or Markdown, so you can parlay your stress into some fruitful work.

Now when someone asks where your happy place is, you can answer: everywhere (even the DMV).