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Article • June 9, 2014

Call Long Distance for Cheap without Wi-Fi

Ringo is an iOS, Android, and Windows app for making international calls

Ever notice that your smartphone records the length of your calls? You probably did if you call long distance: Those seconds start looking like dollar signs mighty fast.

Before you impose a 140-character limit on your international calls, try Ringo. No, not that Ringo . . . the super-cheap long-distance calling app that beats everything from calling cards to video chats.

Unlike many calling apps that use Wi-Fi, Ringo’s calls are routed through crystal-clear local phone networks – so there’s no Internet connection required. And still, Ringo is consistently cheaper than digital competitors like Skype or Viber.

Ringo has apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and is supported worldwide, from Brazil (9¢/min) to Singapore (1¢/min) and beyond. Seem too good to be true? Check the rates for their 16 supported nations yourself.

Let your international pals blabber on. Your wallet won’t feel a dent.