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Article • June 12, 2014

Keep Track of Your Trackers with One App

Nudge is an iOS and Android app for managing all your fitness data

You’re trying hard to stay in shape… walking 10,000 steps a day, choking down wheatgrass-algae smoothies, and tracking your progress with every health app your phone can handle.

That last part would be much easier if you were using Nudge. This new app for iOS and Android syncs with your favorite health trackers like MovesRunKeeperStrava, and Fitbit so you can access all your fitness info in one place.

Nudge draws on data from synced apps and information you enter manually – like food and water intake, how much you’ve exercised, and your hours of sleep – to give you a health score from 1-110 plus feedback on how you can improve.

Need a little extra inspiration to forgo office birthday cake this month? Nudge also hosts “Clubs” – or communities of folks with similar fitness goals who will “nudge” you to keep at it.

All that wheatgrass will pay off in no time.