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Article • June 16, 2014

Word Lens

Read in Any Language Instantly with Word Lens

Technology is most amazing when it suddenly solves an eternal problem. Like the moment Google Maps eradicated the need for anyone to ever have a sense of direction again.

Prepare for another big moment.

Word Lens is an augmented reality app for iOS, Android, and Google Glass(!) that translates printed text between two languages using your device’s camera alone – no network connection necessary.

Simply download Word Lens to your phone, tablet, or – if you’re fancy – Glass, plus the languages you need (Word Lens currently supports English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Portuguese). Then point your device’s camera at the text you wish to read and the app imposes a translation right there on the screen.

And, not to overwhelm you with amazing news, but Word Lens recently lowered the cost of the app and its offered languages to the unbeatable price of free.

Did you feel that? It’s just the Earth shifting, marking a massive moment in time.