Beam Files Straight to Friends' Desktops - Netted
Article • June 18, 2014

Beam Files Straight to Friends' Desktops

Infinit is a drag-and-drop file-sharing app for iOS, Android, Windows, and more

There are infinite ways tech makes tasks simple. But from where we’re sitting, nothing beats the simplicity of drag and drop.

And by pairing that with high-speed file sharing, Infinit – a desktop app for Mac and Windows – has made dragging and dropping even more sublime.

With Infinit, you simply drag files onto an icon and drop them straight onto someone’s desktop. Videos, songs, entire folders full of photos – there’s no size limit or restrictions on what you can send.

Now, you may be thinking: “Whoa! So anyone can spam my desktop?” Simmer down. Infinit uses a friends system – you only receive transfer requests from those you’ve agreed to connect with.

And since it doesn’t host files (there’s no cloud storage here; just person-to-person transfers), Infinit is crazy fast, totally free, and your privacy’s ensured by end-to-end encryption.

It’s an infinitely better way to share.