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Article • June 19, 2014

Keep Your Address Book Up-To-Date

Addappt Keeps Your Address Book Constantly Up-To-Date

Cousin Sheila’s birthday email bounced back. The number for “Ross from college” is out of service. And your ex hasn’t texted back in weeks.

If your contacts list is a wasteland of outdated information, check out Addappt – a free iPhone and Android app that keeps your address book current with zero effort from you.

Connect with your contacts using Addappt, and as they change their info (email, phone number, etc.) it’s automatically updated on your phone, too.

Not only does Addappt update your native contacts list, it also serves as a solid replacement: You can call or text contacts right from the app – and iPhone users can create groups (“cousins,” “coworkers,” etc.) for mass emailing and texting.

Plus Addappt comes in handy when you upgrade devices. Just sign in and your pals are there.

But you should probably give up on that ex.