Put a Personal Nutritionist in Your Pocket - Netted
Article • June 26, 2014

Put a Personal Nutritionist in Your Pocket

Rise is an iOS app that gives you access to a nutrition expert

Wouldn’t dieting be easier with a pro’s help? Like, if you could pump iron with Arnold, or bid fat farewell with Richard Simmons?

Actually, forget the big-name trainers. All you need is Rise, an iOS app that connects users with nutrition experts one on one.

Most health apps are as effective as you are exact, which gets harder if you dine out. But Rise connects you with a personal (and vetted) coach who creates your customized nutrition plan and works with you on each meal. Simply snap a food pic, send it along with a quick description, and your coach provides comments and guidance.

Rise beats standard nutritionist rates by charging a paltry $15 per week (while also promising a refund if you’re dissatisfied). Plus, the first 100 Netted readers to download the app and input NETTEDRISE at the purchase screen get a free one-week trial.

Soon you’ll have a thing or two to teach old Arnie.