Say Something Brief to a Friend - Netted
Article • June 27, 2014

Say Something Brief to a Friend

Use the Yo iOS, Android, or Windows app to say "yo" to a friend

We’ll make this short.

Yo is an app for iPhone and Android.

You open it up, tap a friend’s name, and it sends them a message that says “Yo.”

That’s it.

It was built in eight hours (does that seem long?) by an Israeli programmer who later declared, “A hundred and forty characters is way too much these days.”

One day, you may get a “Yo” from FLORIDAHURRICANEALERT when weather is getting rough, or LIONELMESSIGOALS during games. Or even a “Yo” from MOMDINNER when it’s time to eat.

Until then, there’s not much else to say on the topic.