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Article • July 2, 2014

Control Who Sees and Shares Your Emails

Virtru is an email security add-on available as an Android and iOS app or as a browser extension

You love email. We all love email. But we’d love it a lot more if we had some control over what happens after we hit “send.”

Say hello to Virtru, an app and browser extension – for Firefox, Safari, IE, and Chrome – created by a former NSA security expert, that gives you full control over who sees and shares your emails.

Every email you send with Virtru is end-to-end encrypted and stocked with features that let you unsend emails and control whether and where they get forwarded. On the readers’ end, they simply need to verify their identity to open your emails.

Virtru is flexible because it’s an email add-on, not a provider, and works with most services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc. Simply download the plugin or app and flick it on when sending a sensitive email. Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

Hitting “send” never felt so good.